Digital Security

BAE Networks Digital Security

Digital Security

When it comes to security, you can no longer solely focus on protecting your physical premises. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report 43% of all cyber-attacks committed in the last year specifically targeted small and medium businesses. Cyber criminals assume that your business may not have the same level of security as a larger company and are more vulnerable to an attack. As the threat to your business increases the consequences of successful attacks also continues to grow, with 60% of victims going out of business within six months of a breach. BAE Networks can help you secure your business against digital threats and safeguard sensitive data and personal information.

Network Monitoring & Traffic Analysis

BAE Networks will monitor your network 24/7 to assess performance and diagnose problems. Traffic within your network as well as going to and from public sources will be analyzed to ensure there is no suspicious activity. We will use these insights to detect spyware and other hacks, comparing your traffic against known and evolving threats in order to find and repair data breaches and prevent the loss of confidential information. Our team is constantly analyzing cyber threat trends and tactics and deploying new security protocols to ensure your network is secure. 

Incident Response

In the event of a cyberattack BAE Networks will help you reduce the damage and recover as quickly as possible. Our threat intelligence professionals will identify the breach, contain the damage, and prevent any further system penetration. Once we have neutralized the threat, we will restore compromised systems to proper working order, confirm that all other aspects of your network remain secure, and establish increased monitoring to ensure your systems are hardened against subsequent attacks. Once the situation has been successfully resolved, we will work with your team to discover any remaining vulnerabilities and create a comprehensive plan for long-term prevention.

Network Security

Our team will work with you to establish security for your entire network consisting of physical, technical, and administrative controls. Your team will be trained on how to identify and stop unauthorized personnel from gaining physical access to your network, along with tactics to avoid phishing and other virtual attacks. We will create and manage technical security including internal access administration, anti-virus software, patch management, and a custom firewall. Additionally, safety protocols will be enacted to protect vulnerable access points, so that you can be sure anytime an outside device connects to your network you aren’t exposed to attacks.

Office 365 Security Enhancement

An industry leader in threat detection and cyberattack protection, Office 365 can safeguard your business against threats posed by email, links, and collaboration tools. Office deploys machine learning to analyze embedded links and email attachments to detect and block malware threats. The system actively monitors for any attempts to impersonate your users and domains, and automatically flags any malicious files shared in collaborative sites or libraries for removal. Administrators can easily adjust phishing policies, define impersonation settings, and review detections, adding further layers of protection as threats change and evolve. Additionally, with realistic simulations, Office 365 helps businesses educate their staff on how to identify phishing and attachment attacks.

Data Protection & Retention

BAE Networks will work with you to create a plan to safeguard your data and protect your business in the event of a disaster. Whether a natural event such as a flood or tornado, or the technical failure of a power outage, any disruption in your business could cause serious financial, operational, and reputational harm. Our team will regularly back up your data against theft or loss, creating and updating a physical or cloud-based backup that is stored in a secure, off-site location and can be used to restore your system in the event of a disaster. 

Endpoint Protection

Each of your network endpoints – laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets – is a potential vulnerability for cyber criminals to exploit. BAE Networks can deploy endpoint security that uses real-time machine learning to continuously monitor and update the threat detection, prevention, and protection for every endpoint in your network. All physical and virtual devices will remain safe from threats both known and unknown, preventing attacks such as zero-day exploits which target software flaws that have not been patched. Our software can automatically mitigate threats, isolate infections, auto-immunize endpoints against newly discovered attacks, and even roll-back an endpoint to its pre-infected state in the event of a breach.

Safeguard your business against cyber attacks and data loss.

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