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our experience

BAE Networks assists small and medium businesses throughout Southeast Michigan with all their technology needs.

Our Passion

By partnering with BAE Networks you not only have access to our highly-trained technicians, but also have access to our advanced software and safety protocols that are often only available to large corporations. Plus, our experience working across multiple industries means we are always looking for the most advanced software and latest applications, so we can suggest the most innovative ways you can use technology to improve your business. 


We go beyond the traditional client experience by creating true partnerships with those we serve. We work to understand your business, then use our extensive knowledge and experience to offer solutions that will enable your team.

We’re readY to be your IT partner.

Allow us to create a unique IT solution to fit your needs.

Our process

Our partnership starts with an assessment of your business goals and technology needs along with a thorough evaluation of your current IT infrastructure. Based on our in-depth analysis, we suggest technology solutions and IT services and establish an onboarding plan. Next, we address any pain points and bring all parts of your network up to peak operating efficiency, installing new hardware and software as needed, and training your team on how to properly use the selected technology. Finally, our team will set up a remote monitoring system that allows us to constantly monitor your network performance and hardware so that we can discover and repair any vulnerabilities, anticipate and repel any threats, and suggest additions or changes to your infrastructure as your business evolves.


BAE Networks was founded on one simple philosophy: provide innovative, adaptable IT support and business solutions coupled with amazing customer service. This founding principle has been the driving force for our organization for the better part of a decade. I am committed to our clients who are constantly adapting to an ever-changing environment. Now more than ever, having a strong partnership with a committed IT provider is paramount to business success. I am excited by the opportunity each new partnership creates and look forward to growing alongside them as we move forward, together.

Ryan Baetens