Point-to-Point Connectivity

Point to Point Connectivity BAE Networks

Point-to-Point Connectivity

BAE Networks can work with you to create any type of fiberoptic network scenario your team may need. Whether it’s one secure, reliable connection or a high-density network that spans multiple sites, we will help you identify and deploy the necessary solution to support your staff and clients.

Privately-Owned Fiber

BAE Networks can help you create your own private fiber solution. This will eliminate the need to rely on third-party providers and gives your business complete control over your network. We will help you define your security level, capacity requirements, and scalability needs, then install and maintain your network.

Best For: Companies and organizations that want complete control over their network infrastructure.

Point-To-Point Fixed Wireless Network

For a secure solution between two separate sites BAE Networks will help you create a point-to-point fixed wireless solution. Bypass the public internet and transmit traffic over a secure private network that will provide a reliable, high-speed connection between your locations.

Best For: Companies and organizations with multiple buildings within a few miles of each other who are interested in high-speed, privately-owned connectivity without extensive construction or recurring costs.

SD-WAN Multisite Network

If your business spans multiple sites BAE Networks can provide a Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) solution. This network will deliver secure, multisite connectivity to each of your locations and can be easily managed through a single interface, resulting in space optimization, reduced maintenance, and cost savings.

Best For: Companies and organizations with multiple sites that need high-performing, secure connectivity at a lower cost than dedicated point-to-point connections.

Leased Private Fiber

With leased private fiber BAE Networks can help you own and operate your own large-scale network. A fully dedicated, private physical network infrastructure is a smart investment for institutions that need a scalable and secure solution that will allow them to easily control and upgrade their network as needed. BAE Networks will provide continual support and maintenance to ensure you are getting the most out of your network.

Best For: Companies and organizations with multiple sites that need secure connectivity and higher performance than commodity internet providers can provide.

Datacenter to (Multi)site Network

Seamlessly unify your operations with a network solution specifically created for distributed data centers. BAE Networks can help you create a system that will simplify your operations, reduce potential human error, and increase resiliency and security. Connect multiple locations with differing data traffic demands using a single cost-effective, reliable, fast, and flexible solution.

Best For: Companies and organizations leveraging colocation for critical infrastructure and need a high-performance connection with one or many locations.

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