Wireless Networking

BAE Network Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Increase productivity and enhance collaboration with a wireless network solution from BAE Networks. Empower your employees to access documents, emails, and applications in any part of your building using any wireless-enabled device. Without cables or wires it’s easy to efficiently scale your network, adding users and locations as your business grows. Plus, offer secure network access for guests, allowing them to surf the web or do their own work when they visit your site without compromising your data security.

Secure Wireless Network

An essential solution for companies who employ cloud computing and frequently use phones or laptops to conduct business, a wireless network will allow you to offer both staff and visitors fast and reliable service. Our team will help you select an internet provider then purchase and install the hardware needed to get your network up and running. We will also help you manage your network, monitoring system performance, updating firmware, and troubleshooting device or connection issues if they arise.

Best For: Companies and organizations that utilize wireless networking for business operations or are interested in providing wireless service for guests.

Large-Scale Secure Wireless Network

BAE Networks can help you establish a large-scale wireless network that will provide a consistent experience across your entire footprint. We will survey your site to understand your frequency, mounting, and channel needs, then install the enterprise-grade access points, switches, controllers, and routers that will power your network. Gain ultimate administrative control with the ability to set and manage permissions, segregate network traffic, and control data rates by device, user, or connection.

Best For: Companies and organizations that rely on wireless connectivity over large deployments such as warehouses, company campuses, and educational facilities.

Enable your team with a wireless network.

Allow BAE Networks to create a custom solution for your business.