Voice & Video Conferencing

Voice and Video Conferencing BAE Networks

Voice & Video conferencing

No matter what business you’re in, communication is key. BAE Networks will work with your team to identify your phone and video needs, then provide a custom solution. Our team will handle installation, ensure employees understand and can use all system features, and provide on-going maintenance to ensure software is updated and hardware is in perfect working condition.

Multi-Line Phone Systems

Hassle-free multi-line phone systems are a cost-effective solution that supports your staff with standard calling features such as caller ID, call forwarding, and voicemail. There is also a selection of advanced options, such as hold music and automated attendants, which allow you to provide a more professional experience for clients. As your business grows our team can scale this solution to fit your needs, allowing you to easily add or augment phone lines and utilize advanced communications features including call waiting, intercom systems, and multi-party conferencing.

Best For: Companies and organizations that rely primarily on telephone communications, need multiple phone lines, and are interested in a reliable, straightforward solution that employees are comfortable using.

VoIP Phone Systems

For businesses looking for a unified communications system that allow their team to communicate by phone, video, and text, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems offer a more flexible way to connect with customers and clients. Experience advanced features such as call routing, analytics, and call and conference recording for a lower cost than traditional phone systems. Plus, with the option of cloud-based hosting, your system can reliably support as many users as you need, on any device they choose, wherever they are working.

Best For: Companies and organizations who want to conduct business using multiple devices in different locations and connect with clients across multiple platforms.

Call Center Phone Systems

Provide seamless customer support with a phone system created specifically for call centers. Simple, intuitive call center management will allow your team to elevate client experience with intelligent call routing and queuing, callback options, and distribution management. Employ a live chat and talk system to provide website visitors with online assistance in real-time. Utilize SLA and callback statistics along with detailed reports on call waiting, answered calls, and abandoned calls to evaluate your service, train new employees, and improve processes. Our team can also help you integrate your CRM, ERP, or Accounting systems with your phone system, allowing your agents to link incoming calls to customer records, easily update contact details and information, and seamlessly input new data.

Best For: Companies and organizations managing a high volume of calls who want to provide a high level of customer service with advanced functionality and seamless data integration.

Web Conferencing

Increase collaboration and conduct business virtually with a web conference system. By integrating screen sharing, video conferencing, and conference calling into one platform your business can streamline communications, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. High-definition video with crisp audio quality will enhance virtual presentations, and features such as desktop sharing and remote control will facilitate remote assistance and interactions.

Best For: Companies and organizations interested in providing high-end virtual experiences for partners, employees, and clients.

Room-Based Conferencing

Elevate your conference experience with integrated conference solutions. Our team can provide hardware for your boardroom or meeting rooms that will allow you to conduct high-quality conferences from a pre-installed, easy-to-use, standalone unit. This solution will ensure your connection is secure and stable, allowing you to comfortably conduct business virtually.

Best For: Companies and organizations that want to create the most collaborative experience possible with high-quality cameras and microphones that virtually transport remote participants into the meeting room.

Talk, text, or video.

BAE Networks can support any way you communicate with a custom solution.