Managed IT Services

Let BAE Networks handle all your network, hardware, and software needs or offer extra support to your internal team with our range of Managed IT Services. From technical assistance to transitioning to the cloud, our team is ready to assess your needs, offer solutions, and troubleshoot any problems, so that you are free to focus on your business.

Your internal IT team knows your business and can solve most of your technology problems, but they might need some support. BAE Networks can partner with your in-house staff to create a single, comprehensive IT operation. Learn More

Allow BAE Networks to handle all your IT needs and experience enterprise-level service at an affordable price. Our team of highly trained and experienced IT experts will work to understand your business and technology needs, monitor your network, and be available to fix any issues 24/7. Learn More

Let BAE Networks support your team with our All-Tier Support Desk. No question is too small or problem too large for our experienced technicians. Learn More

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Reduce costs, remove limitations, and gain the freedom to work from anywhere by taking advantage of cloud service. BAE Networks will evaluate your flexibility, security, compliance, and cost requirements, then create a custom solution for your company. Learn More

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

BAE Networks can create and maintain a cloud-based replica of your entire IT environment that can be used in the event of a primary systems crash. With your system safeguarded in the cloud you can be sure that you will be able to maintain operations in the event of a disaster. Learn More

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

BAE Networks own and maintain, high-storage-capacity remote servers where we can securely host your data. Backups of your critical servers, configurations, databases, and files will be frequently synced and updated so the most recent version will be available when you need it. Learn More 

Project Services

In addition to our ongoing service and technology offerings, BAE Networks is available to assist you on a per-project basis. We can facilitate any upgrades, migrations, virtualizations, or relocations you have planned as well as provide assistance when the unplanned occurs. If you have a problem, but aren’t sure how to solve it, let our innovative team develop and execute a creative solution.

If your network has failed, your system has been infected, or your data has been stolen BAE Networks can help you minimize the damage. Learn More

For any project that involves IT infrastructure, information systems, or computers you can rely on BAE Systems for support. Learn More

If your team has created a project design BAE Networks can leverage our experienced professionals and advanced software to implement your planned procedure. Learn More

Communicate & Collaborate

Voice & Video Conferencing

No matter what business you’re in, communication is key. BAE Networks will work with your team to identify your phone and video needs, then provide a custom solution. Learn More

Microsoft 365

Do business better with Microsoft 365 – a cloud-based subscription service that provides the tools your team needs. You can collaborate on files, send documents, and communicate with each other from any device you choose at any time you need to. Learn More

Room Control & Presentation

Host better meetings with room technology solutions from BAE Networks. Let us create custom audio/visual systems and easy scheduling for each room in your building, allowing your team to utilize the latest technology to collaborate with each other and present to clients. Learn More

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