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Utilizing a wireless network for your business can untether a traditional workspace. Tablets and smart devices are vital in today’s business world. These devices are often dependent on a wireless network. Having the right hardware can be a confusing choice with great risks. At BAE Networks we make sure you have the right fit your company, all your devices and for your future growth.

Do you know the risks of using off the shelf wireless solutions? The type of hardware available at most consumer electronic stores are not suited for a business environment. Utilizing the wrong hardware may invite opportunity for security breaches and sub optimal performance.

Not all wireless networks are created equal.

You may be familiar with some of the standards in today’s world. Wireless G, Wireless N, Wireless AC. The difference are not just the speed of your connection. Each standard has a different number of maximum device connections. They also have different broadcast ranges and security protocols.

Beyond the different wireless standards, hardware specifications are what separate basic in-home devices from enterprise class hardware. Are you able to set up a separate ‘guest’ network? Separating what is visible to the public from your internal network is a vital step in network security. Because wireless signals ignore most physical boundaries, the importance of having the latest encryption and redundant security components is paramount to the security of your information.

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