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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA can be challenging. BAE Networks makes it easy.

We take all of the guess work out of HIPAA compliance. Did you know there are many factors of your technology, infrastructure and connectivity that needs to be in compliance with HIPAA?

Assembling a system of compliance from multiple sources can be a difficult task. Allow BAE Networks to give you a one stop shop for HIPAA compliance. We utilize our experience, knowledge, and the latest tools to keep you covered.

Please see some common HIPAA Violations below.

  • Failure to adhere to the authorization expiration date - Patients can set a date when their authorization expires. A violation would be releasing confidential records after that date.
  • Failure to promptly release information to patients - According to HIPAA, a patient has the right to receive electronic copies of medical records on demand.
  • Improper disposal of patient records - Shredding is necessary before disposing of patient’s record.
  • Insider snooping - This refers to family members or co-workers looking into a person’s medical records without authorization. This can be avoided with password protection, tracking systems and clearance levels.
  • Missing patient signature - Any HIPAA forms without the patient’s signature is invalid, so releasing information would be a violation.
  • Releasing information to an undesignated party - Only the exact person listed on the authorization form may receive patient information.
  • Releasing unauthorized health information - This refers to releasing the wrong document that has not been approved for release. A patient has the right to release only parts of their medical record.
  • Releasing wrong patient's information - Through a careless mistake, someone releases information to the wrong patient. This sometimes happens when two patients have the same or similar name.
  • Right to revoke clause - Any forms a patient signs need to have a Right to Revoke clause or the form is invalid. Therefore, any information released to a third party would be in violation of HIPAA regulations.
  • Unprotected storage of private health information - A good example of this is a laptop that is stolen. Private information stored electronically needs to be stored on a secure device. This applies to a laptop, thumbnail drive, or any other mobile device.

If your organization is in violation of any of these areas, or you’re spending countless hours and dollars trying to stay on top of things – you need to call BAE Networks today.

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