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Most businesses use the Microsoft Office suite of products, Word, Power Point, Outlook and Excel and Exchange. It should come as no surprise that the rise of internet and cloud services would lend itself well to Office. By utilizing cloud based services, Office 365 is the evolution of the office suite. Owners can run their business more easily with Office 365. This allows employees to get everything they need to get work done anytime, anywhere.

So what do you get with Office 365? It depends on what you want or need.

The most basic level of Office 365 provides a cloud based email service that replaces traditional onsite exchange servers. One of the most appealing aspects of Office 365 is scalability. If you need to add or subtract a user, no problem. There are no hardware limits that have the potential to slow down an organizations growth. It also includes organizational tools for collaboration like One Drive.

Taking a step up gets your users the addition of basic Office software they already know and love. It also allows them to install it on up to 5 devices per user. That means in addition to their work computer they can take it home, put it on their laptop, tablet and smartphone.

From an investment standpoint Office 365 just makes sense. You pay for what services you need per user. Your software is always up to date, you have enterprise level security, your data is saved across multiple servers coast to coast and can be accessed by you and your employees from anywhere in the world at any time they need it.

The benefits of Office 365 include the capability to affordably provide sophisticated features to your employees in the form of Exchange-based email, document sharing and centralized communication. These tools have traditionally been accessible only to large enterprise businesses, and now just about any business can afford them. It effectively outsources someone managing your security, updating and backup needs. It is the future of your office.

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